A Foundation for Success

The Stonewater brand was founded by Kevin Graham in 2008. Kevin moved to the city of Calgary in 1992 and became a founding partner in Waterford Homes just three years later.

After over ten years of developing a great reputation within Calgary’s wealthiest areas and Waterford leaving its mark with high end custom homes in many of the city’s most established neighbourhoods, Kevin left Waterford in 2007 and so started the story of Stonewater Homes.

It was near this time that Kevin met his future business partner Chris Corriveau. After his post-secondary education, Chris had worked for Kevin at Waterford and loyally moved with Kevin upon Stonewater’s inception. Kevin recognized that he and Chris had similar visions and that Chris’ work ethic and talents would be a great fit, providing the support that Kevin needed in a business partner.

In 2010 the two teamed up and since that time, Stonewater has continued to grow and its reputation continues to rise within the greater Calgary area.
Chris and Kevin’s philosophy has been and continues to be of producing an elite level product, with unsurpassed service for their clients, focusing on every detail of the project and, just as importantly, the process itself. They believe that the most important component for success is tailoring themselves and their team to satisfy the needs of every client on an individual basis.

To achieve these goals, the two have assembled a great team and network of trades, suppliers and consultants who understand these goals and have the education, experience and skills to help them see this through.

Great work inspires great praise and the word about Stonewater continues to spread. The company has expanded into other areas, including Canmore, Edmonton, Springbank and Priddis and the company recently moved into the Okanagan at the request of its clients.

While the company continues to diversify and push through past limitations such as geography, it maintains its commitment to getting better with each and every project, careful not to miss even the smallest detail.

With over 40 years of experience between them, Chris and Kevin have built a vast spectrum of designs and have never been afraid to build outside the box. Architects and designers alike continue to push the limits of their vision, design and use of technology and Stonewater continues to execute — whatever the demands may be.
Now your dream home and its location are limited only by your imagination.